Business Coaching

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Today’s leaders are expected to optimize diverse teams to effectively react, adapt, and innovate — all while continuing to meet business objectives in the short term. We provides solutions designed to help individuals enhance their leadership skills, teams optimize their performance, and companies expand and effectively leverage diversity and inclusion strategies. By extending the value of individualized coaching to more individuals, I delivers cost-effective, easily scalable consulting and coaching solutions that produce real-life — and sustainable — results.
Success Management

In today’s complex — and ever-changing — business environment, it’s critical for companies to develop role-specific leadership competencies to effectively identify, evaluate, and develop a diverse pool of successor candidates.
My Success Management solution supplements existing talent management programs with systematic and objective tools that help companies reach deeper into the organization’s talent pool to expand diversity and inclusion by eliminating unconscious bias and cloning. That’s all followed up with individualized development plans that ensure candidates are ready to step in.
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Coach Manager

Front-line managers play a vital role to ensure employees are engaged, productive, and committed. But, in our complex and dynamic business environment, recognizing and navigating the highly individualized impacts across a diverse team can be a tough ask. My Coach Manager program is a scalable solution that empowers managers with the tools and techniques to coach individual team members, maximize their contributions, and accelerate development.
Outcomes include

Scalable Coaching

As employees adapt to significant changes in how and where they work, they’re also navigating job insecurity and work/life balance challenges (especially women and working mothers). At the same time, employers need heightened employee engagement, productivity, and innovation to succeed in a competitive and changing marketplace.
One-size-fits-all programs don’t always drive desired or sustained results, and individualized resources are often cost-prohibitive. Instead, Scalable Coaching reinvents small group and 1:1 coaching.
Delivery outcomes include: