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About Me

Hi. I'm Koral Dahan

My coaching services will help you succeed.
I’m here to help you identify your challenges, strengths, & growth areas. Together we’ll create a customized plan to help you overcome whatever is in your way & grow into something new.
I believe that healing, progress and success begin with thought.
Each person has a his Or her potential.
For me Relationships are the most important thing but next is winning. I’ve had to learn most of this the hard way. I believe in simple over complicated. Recognizing that every business, every professional, and aspiring professional is different, I know is the totaly, motivation, Energy and faith bring you up!
If one of the question touching you, here is the good place for you:
Identify incorrect economic patterns in your conduct? Have you started a business that works but still you are interested in growing and developing? Do you own a business that doesn’t work as you expected?
I can help you identify the failures or unrealized potential, refine and illuminate the place for economic growth and together bring you to the business place you are interested in reaching.
helps you move from A-Ha! to action.

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Coach the professionals to become a mindful leader

Leaders and professionals are dealing with super high burnout and overwhelm, and anxiety high. It’s normal for people to deal with:

Explore Mindfulness, Empathy, and Resilience in your professional and personal life through Business Coaching.

We make business successful!

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